Neil - your personalised haircutter 
Neil Pyne Hair Dressing

Being a haircutter is my passion - seeing and knowing how a haircut can really improve the way a women looks and feels is almost an obsession with me.


I am always seeing potential clients wherever I am, in a cafe, at an event, or in the street. I like to invite potential clients to make a consultation appointment as I can already see how to improve their look. 

I like working with natural curl & hair colour but if the client colours their hair and comes to me for the cut that's great too! 

Cutting hair is not just a job or a source of income - it's my passion. I only ever see a maximum of 4 clients per day.

My Process - After a consultation i'll usually  make your cut appointment at least a week out, during this time i'll think about possible cuts and come up with a  recommendation(s) ready for your appointment.  You'll never hear me say " what are we going to do today!" as I put time and thought into planning your cut.

I'll always share my ideas and recommendations with you - but ultimately your cut is your choice and I'm happy to provide what you feel is best. 

Cutting for everyone - I enjoy meeting people who are different from me and I enjoy listening to others views and hear about their life journeys. 

I understand it can be difficult for women who are mothers to allocate time for themselves so to make it easier I offer a mobile service where I can come to them, ( I am happy to travel for up to an hour for regular clients.)

If it's more suitable they can even bring the little ones with them to the studio.